Visco Aroma Therapy Pillow – Mint

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Thanks to the support it offers, it provides extra comfort by supporting your spine during sleep. It relieves blood circulation by reducing rotational movements during sleep. It supports the neck and shoulder muscles and prevents possible pain situations.Our pillows, produced with visco elastic memory foam technology, move according to heat and pressure.

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Mint Aroma Therapy Pillow not only makes it easier for you to fall asleep, but also provides comfort with its air-channeled structure and the scent of mint essence that creates a feeling of freshness. The orthopedic pillow we produce for those who prefer classic pillows but want to create a refreshing effect, as in all our other orthopedic pillows, high-density visco material was preferred. Our aroma therapy pillow series, which will change your preference for the “best orthopedic pillow”, offers the promise of uninterrupted sleep.


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