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Compression Classes

Compression Classes Pressure Value Usage Area
CCL1 Light Compression Compression in mmHg: 18-22 Light varicose, but no significant tendency to develop edema, feeling of tired and heavy legs and for the prevention of early varicose veins during pregnancy
CCL2 Moderate compression Compression in mmHg: 23-32 -More severe symptoms -Prominent varicose veins with tendency to form edema
-Swelling after trauma
- After minor ulcer
healing-After superficial thrombophlebitis
-To ensure successful treatment results for varicose veins after sclerotherapy and surgery
-For prominent varicose veins during pregnancy.
CCL3 Strong Compression Compression in mmHg: 34-46 -All late complications of structural or post
-Thrombotic venous insufficiency
-Varicose veins showing a strong tendency to develop edema
-Secondary varicose veins
-Venous Ulcer
-Especially in the healing of recurrent more severe ulcers after.