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How long after mastectomy surgery can you use a breast prosthesis? You will usually be advised to use it 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. Swelling or tenderness should be expected to disappear. You and your doctor should decide on the right time to use it for you. Our products are available from size 75 to size 105. If you do not know your size, you can contact us so that we can help you with that.

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Breast prosthesis is a prosthesis that can follow all the movements of your body, no different from the real breast. It is made of extremely soft and healthy silicone.Why is it important to wear a breast prosthesis? Wearing a breast prosthesis after mastectomy surgery is not only important from an aesthetic point of view. At the same time, it is a therapy that will replace the weight of the removed breast. When a prosthesis suitable for the size of your other breast is used, the weight balance of the body will be preserved.

Since the human body is created symmetrically, this symmetry is broken when one of the breasts is removed. This disorder causes one shoulder to bend down and the other shoulder to raise. Since the body is not straight, neck, back and shoulder pain may occur. Silicone breast prostheses reach body temperature immediately and look natural. Another feature of silicone breast prosthesis is to prevent the bra from rising or pulling to one side.

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100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 80, 85, 90, 95


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